How to Help Yourself Get Out of Addiction

It was Socrates who said during the golden age of Greek philosophy to “know thyself”, and even in today’s contemporary society with technological advancements and sophisticated lifestyles and towering man-made infrastructures, this fundamental truth still fits like a missing jigsaw puzzle in a given picture. To know the self is to be able to be conscious about not only the surroundings and the ecological environment but also the inner mental world and the inner being, the essential person.

Without being conscious or without knowing and comprehending ourselves we inadvertently expose ourselves to the dangers of being naive and ignorant to our nature and that we cannot keep track or watch over our own sets of behaviours and thoughts because we are too proud or even our inner reflective eyes are too clouded by materialism and consumerism that we starve our consciousness of our conscience, and the result is a person devoid of understanding who he is, and a person who is danger of not knowing his own sets of strengths and weaknesses.

Many of these people blinded to their own selves most likely end up being addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other illegal substances, and most of these people even within the deepest quagmire of their lives still has an inherent sense of personhood and understanding that the state that they are into is not good and is not normal and that they need help, for some this sense of grasping for air and asking for help comes saliently and somebody must be there to answer their call.

Here are some ways to help you out from addiction:

Seek Professional Help

With a problem that you perceive that is outside the realm of your control, you have to seek professional help. The world is now more open to people who seek help, help lines has now been opened for those who want to seek mental help, counselling, and even guidance. Rehab centers has also opened up more institutions to accommodate more people who needs professional help; drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Victoria and other cities are also expanding to give quality help for those who are struggling.

Enrol in a Program

Being in a rehab institution sometimes has its negative stigma for individuals who needs help, and for some reason they do not want to get admitted into a rehab facility yet, for cases such as these people still has options, they can enrol themselves to a nearby triple A group or for some there are church-held programs that offers free group counselling and even offer spiritual and religious guidance together with the counselling process and for many this are also very effective in terms of controlling unwanted behaviour and even the urge to go back to bad habits.

Sort Yourself

Lastly of course is to help one’s self, nobody will be able to help a person if they do not want to be helped, no matter how effective or rigorous the program of the facility, a person must first admit to need help before he r she can be truly help and turn their live around for the better.

The human spirit is very resilient it could be trapped in addiction but its value never diminishes.

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