How to Make a Private Club Successful

There’s a lot that goes into making private club run successfully- from managing memberships, to infrastructure, staff and F&B. When looking at the big picture, plenty of clubs struggle to make it big but there are those that rise above the rest. What makes them different? We’re about to take a look. Here’s how these clubs have created a success out of themselves and how you can too.


You’ll find that successful clubs have stable leaders. How many clubs have made it big by changing leaders multiple times a year? With a changing leader, usually comes changing philosophies and it’s quite tough to keep up. A good leader would be able to stick around and make informed decisions. These kind of people are tough to find but ultimately the leader of your club should be the first solid investment you make.


Needless to say, especially when it comes to golf, location is a prime factor to consider for clubs. You need to draw members in and show them you have a beautiful location and an absolutely impeccable setup. A lot of maintenance will have to go into the course itself so make sure you’re ready to handle all these expenses. Remember, location and maintenance of said location is vital to drawing members in and boosting your reputation.


This goes without saying but if you want to be successful, then your facilities have to be above the standard. You don’t want a golf buggie that breaks down or outdated utilities. You need to have periodic inspections, maintenance and be sure to invest in equipment of a good calibre. All it takes is one mishap to ruin a good name so stay on top of your facilities and equipment management at all times.


If you want a successful club, you need great staff. These are the people your members interact with- they represent your club’s reputation. Make sure you invest in a capable General Manager and the rest should fall into place. Remember, your club can have the best facilities in the country but it amounts to nothing if you don’t have professional staff.


Your food and beverage outlet is a great way to reap more profits. If you want to reap the benefits of your club to the fullest, you’ll definitely pay attention to this aspect and make sure that it reaches the standard.

Financial Management

The downfall of most clubs begins with the mentality that they should avoid spending money. Financial management doesn’t mean you should cut expenses. This only reduces your value and makes you seem less appealing to prospective members. A successful club would realize that there are certain investments to be made- facilities should always be enhanced, staff should always be of a standard etc. Unfortunately, when it comes to running a club you do have to dish out the cash to be able to start making profits long term.

These are the best tips we have on making a private club successful. Hopefully, you have everything at your fingertips now to take your club to the next level.

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