Top Tips for First-Time Jumpers

Bungee jumping is not your average sport. It’s an extreme sport that calls for you to conquer your fears and just live in the moment. The first time is always the hardest, no matter what sport you pick. Your tension at trying out something new, especially something with a risk, will leave you with a palpable feeling of fear. But that incredible feeling upon completion will probably last you for a life time. So here are some of our top tips for first-time jumpers.

Take the Lead

The longer you spend time watching from the sidelines, the higher your chances of staying there. You need to stop making excuses and make that leap of faith. Also, we’ve all watched the movies where there’s a countdown ‘1…2…3. Jump!’. That countdown never really works out for beginners. Chances are if you wait till the end of it, you won’t make the jump at all! So, make sure you jump before it ends if at all.

Look Ahead

You’d think your first move would be to look at the obvious- the ground looming beneath you. That’s one of the first mistakes you can be making. It’s usually far too scary for a first-timer to witness so it’s recommended that you make the jump while looking ahead. Or you could even have your eyes closed!

Choose Your Surroundings

Your first time is not the time you want to cheap-out and choose the lowest costing brand. Choose one that is trusted with a near spotless reputation like bungy taupo NZ. This way, they’ll know how to professionally guide you through each step and recommend only what you’re capable of doing. So do a thorough routine check on the brand and its staff and don’t forget to settle for a calming environment. Now’s not the time to go for a daring jump.

Trust the Instructors

Like we said above, don’t cheap out with your brands and you’ll be well rewarded in the steps to come. Your instructors will be professionals, fully qualified with rigorous training that have made them who they are today. At the end of the day, they should make you feel like you’ll be able to trust them with your life!


You could bungee jump barefoot if you wish but if you are wearing shoes then don’t forget to make sure that the laces are tightly tied. Also don’t forget to wear casual, comfortable clothes. You’re already going to be stressed out so you don’t have to be worrying about a fashion error in the midst of everything.

Fake It till You Make It

There’s probably going to be a camera recording your first jump so even if you feel like crying, try and keep a smile on your face as hard as it may seem! You won’t want to share a video where you’re shaking with fear so try and keep this one in mind.

These are our top tips for first- time bungee jumpers. It’s honestly an experience of a lifetime so we hope you enjoy it and come back for more soon!

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