Exercises That Can Improve Muscle Flexibility

Muscle function and flexibility is beyond a shadow of a doubt an important aspect of daily living. It essentially means your body muscle’s ability to stretch and contract. If you can’t do this properly, then it will severely impact your mobility and possibly put a strain on other parts of your body. Especially as you age, you need to work on maintaining your mobility so you reduce your risk of any diseases or conditions. So if you either have a fascination for those people who can hook their legs around their heads or want to work on your flexibility to maintain your physical health and mobility, then this article will teach you what strategies you need to use.

Static Stretching

These are the most common type of stretches that you’ve probably been familiar with since high school. It involves stretching to that particular joint’s end range of motion and holding that position for 15 seconds at the very minimum. You can also go on for 60 seconds but this has actually proven to be not recommended if you’re doing it before a workout. Because of this research, these stretches are used post-workout to cool down or to loosen tight muscles. Exercises of this calibre include simple things like touching your toes while standing or seated with your legs stretched before you, hugging your knees to your chest, etc.

Dynamic Stretching

The stretches should be your go-to pre-workout stretches. Get ready in those Virus womens compression shorts so you can make the transition fast. These stretches are far gentler and are more focused on restoring the blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues while still moving joints to the fullest of their ranges. This makes them better at improving performance but also at reducing the possibility of injuries. You may have seen athletes do these type of stretches- squats, pushups, and lunges. Essentially any low-intensity and controlled movement fall under this category.

Myofascial Release

This foam rolling is usually applying pressure to muscles (just like how a massage would typically work) to relax them. It usually isn’t beneficial on its own, however, but when combined with static stretching or dynamic stretching, it vastly increases flexibility. Athletes have also found foam rolling beneficial after an intense workout because it helps relieve the soreness of the muscles as well as engage in faster muscle recovery.

Ballistic Stretching

This is a type of static stretch where you include a bounce at the end of the range of motion. It’s usually supposed to be quite reliable in increasing flexibility but is also known to cause injury so when practicing this stretch, please make sure to do so safely and in a controlled manner. 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

This type of stretching works its magic on your neurological system. Your partner is supposed to apply a force while you either work the stretched muscle or its opposing muscle.

These are the most popular ways you can improve your flexibility. It takes only a few minutes of your day so why not get into it- it will definitely help increase your mobility long term!

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