Your Guide to Selecting the Right Lifting Belt for You

If you have decided to start wearing a weight lifting or power lifting belt when working out, then good for you. You are taking the first step towards ensuring that you are adopting proper form and keeping your spine supported during your lifts. This makes you a more responsible gym goer.

At the same time, you will quickly realise that there are quite a few weight lifting belts Australia to choose from. While this wide selection does have its perks, it also can make your final decision rather difficult to make. To avoid any confusion, you should follow the guidelines below when selecting your gear:

Which Width Works Best for You?

You will learn that most belts start at around 2 inches and go all the way up to around 4 inches. To determine which one will work best for you, should measure your torso. In particular, measure the distance from your ribcage to your hip bone. This is where the belt will be sitting. Remember, for the best fit, it is a good idea to try on several sizes. Then, get into your lifting position and figure out which one offers you the greatest support and is also the most comfortable.

What Thickness is Right for You?

Perhaps the second thing that you will need to decide on is the thickness of the material. Once you start looking around, you will discover that 10mm and 13mm are the most widely offered options. Now, there is a reason for this as these are the best thicknesses for most lifters. Still, you need to pick one from these two sizes. If you are only just starting out with lifting or tend to lift an average amount, then a 10mm should be more than enough for you. In case you are a lot more serious about lifting out incredibly heavy weights, then a 13mm will offer better support.

Choose the Best Material for Durability

Another thing that you are going to have to think about is the material of the belt. Now, if you are planning on lifting for quite a while, then you need something that is going to last for as long as possible. In this scenario, leather tends to be the best material as it is hardwearing and can withstand wear and tear for years. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a high quality design as it is sure to save you money in the long run.

Prongs vs. Levers

Most of the belts will boast either a single prong, double prong, or a lever. As far as prongs go, most experts would agree that a single prong is always better. It cuts down on the number of steps that you have to go through when lifting. At the same time, it offers an identical level of secureness as the double prong. If you want to make your prep process even quicker, springing for a lever mechanism will do just this.

These are the top things to keep in mind when selecting the best possible belt for you and your workouts.

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