How to Identify Signs If Your Child Is Having Emotional Troubles

Most often it can be hard for parents to find mental sickness in a child. As a result, most children who could receive the necessary advice and treatment from professionals do not get the help they need. Therefore, it is crucial to understand some of the warning signs of mental sickness in children growing up and how you can help them cope with it. Here are some simple steps that you, as a parent can make use of to better understand and evaluate your children on their emotions and mental well-being.

Checking Up On Them

Make it a habit to ask your child how their day was and make sure to listen to them closely. Ask questions to help yourself understand them better. This will be great to also strengthen your relationship with your children and help them understand that they can come to you and confide to you if ever they have a problem. Some of the more glaring physical symptoms in children with a disturbed mental health are symptoms like frequent headaches and stomach aches.

Take Notice of Any Drastic Changes in Their Personality

When a child is mentally ill, they would experience strong and overwhelming moods and emotions that can lead up to surprising behaviour. Some children can become very aggressive, getting in to fights often and expressing a desire to hurt others. Others can be the opposite, withdrawing from social activities and people, overly passive and losing interest in activities or neglecting responsibilities and making decisions. Some others may show both sides where they are sometimes very lethargic and other times, very hyper and over enthusiastic. There are counselling services in Coomera that you can take your child to for an evaluation.

Notice Any Struggles with Day To Day Activities

If a child starts showing any sudden problems with school, friends or other areas of their life which they did struggle with before then this may be a sign that they might be struggling emotionally. If they lose interest in something that they used to enjoy before, this is a very good alert for you to be more aware of your child’s emotional well-being.

Mystery Illnesses and Acting Out

When it comes to illnesses in children, it is important to recognize what types of symptoms they show as mental illness can cause physical symptoms of stress. Some symptoms will include headaches, stomach aches, soreness, insomnia, fatigue and tiredness and even fevers that doctors will not be able to explain properly. These can be called mystery illnesses and it’s important to recognize them at the outset. Furthermore, children will find it difficult to express their frustration and emotions and will act out to try to convey a message. It is important to calm them down if they are angry and ask them why they did what they did. If they don’t give you a convincing answers then it most likely because they are due to overwhelming emotions and not sure how to express themselves. What they talk about and draw pictures about will give you a good indication of their thinking patterns.

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