Differences between a Nutritionist, Food Scientist and a Dietician

The majority of people use the terms dietician and nutritionist liberally or interchangeably without realizing that these two professions are different. They are definitely related but they also have very distinctive qualities. The majority of these differences are related to the legal restrictions that pertain to each job category. Dieticians have more restrictions than nutritionists. Some countries and states may require a nutritionist to obtain a license for their occupation from a body that governs the field in that country or state. Some states and countries however may not require this.

Differences in the Career Outlook

One of the areas where both of these categories have something to share is the positive and growing outlook and opportunities for work. Not only are people becoming more conscious about eating good and healthy food, they are also more interested in staying fit and looking their best than ever before. If you have been thinking why and how to become a dietitian, this is one of the reasons why this is a smart career decision to make. You will have enough job prospects if you have the right qualifications.

Differences by Definition

If you think about the two definitions of the jobs, you will begin to get a much clearer idea of what is involved in each case and why and how they are different. A nutritionist is a health specialist and they are devoted in their profession to areas like food, preventive nutrition, nutritional sciences, deficiencies in nutrition and implementing nutrient manipulation so that the clinical responses to human diseases can be enhanced. On the other hand, a dietician is an expert when it comes to food and nutrition. They help promote good health through implementing healthy eating. They are also professionals who supervise preparation and servicing of food in addition to helping develop modified eating habits and educating individuals as well as groups about healthy eating practices. They also carry out a lot of research.

Then Who Are Food Scientists?

You may also have heard the term food scientist and may be confused about which profession that is. Well, some nutritionists are also known as food scientists. Usually, these food scientists will work exclusively for manufacturers of food, retail businesses or for purposes of public health promotions. Some of these nutritionists also will work as dietician assistants or even food journalists. Food science is a field that offers then unique career opportunities. As a food scientist you will be able to focus on researching various issues that are related to the food production process. Some schools actually offer food science as a subject. In this case you will be studying about things like the chemical, physical and biological components of food, processing food and storing food in the right manner. If this is something that you are interested in you should be looking into the field of food science. Because all three professions are very closely related it is important for you to know which is which and what you would want to pursue so that you choose the right path of education and training from the start.

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