Four Reasons Why You Need to Wear the Right Gym Clothes for Workouts

Whether you are cross-training or doing Yoga, your clothes are important. Heavy lifting or shifting in extreme positions may cause your clothes to wear and tear if the material is not right. Comfort, durability, and flexibility are some of the important things in choosing the right gym clothes.

Functionality and Style

There are a lot of gym clothes to choose from, and come in different styles, colours, and materials. You’ll likely encounter clothes made from materials that ‘wick’ sweat. It is designed this way sweat would not stick to your clothes whenever you’re working out.

Most of these clothes are made of synthetic but breathable fabrics. Polypropylene is stretchable but high-quality clothing that doesn’t absorb moisture the way ordinary cotton clothing does. It doesn’t absorb sweat so this makes it ideal for extreme exercises such as cross training and Yoga. Stay away from fabrics made of rubber or plastic as these types tend to retain heat making it uncomfortable to workout.

Right Fit = Comfortable

When you shop for workout clothes, you’d want something comfortable but trendy. You should wear something loose but comfortable. It should have enough space for your torso and extremities to move about during extreme workouts such as doing lunges, burpees, or doing Yoga poses. Go for fabrics made of polypropylene or neoprene that nicely hugs your body comfortably.

When you’re running or biking, avoid pants with wide bottoms or loose pants as these tend to get tangled when you pedal.

Wear According To Season

When the weather gets too hot (or cold), you need to dress accordingly. You will need to wear clothes that allow air to pass through the skin and evaporate sweat quickly. You may want to wear lightweight but thinly layered clothing such as neoprene. These types of gym clothes allow you to move about comfortably without trapping heat.

When you’re working out during the winter season, you may want to dress in layers where you can remove. This way, you can increase the heat inside your clothing causing you to sweat. Always dress warmer than the current temperature to keep your body fully insulated. Cover your hands, head, and ears for additional warmth.

Shop for Activewear

Brands such as Iron Tanks are some of the most trusted brands when it comes to workout clothes. There’s a wide range of products from gym equipment to personal items such as gym tees and shoes made from technologically-advanced materials made for durability. They sometimes offer deals online that bargain hunters may want to look out for.

Remember to buy clothes that you like—not what looks good on the model. You should know what your fitness goals are. Am I using it for cycling? Is it for an everyday workout or will I be using this twice every week? If you’re a bit hesitant to go for clothes you happened to fancy online, try checking what others are saying about it. Better yet, check for vloggers who reviewed the product. It might help if you check for individuals who have an almost similar body size for you to see (and grasp) how this item will look on you.

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